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Voice Mail/Unified Messaging

ImaGEN exactly the voice mail system you need. The one that gives you every feature you need, configured just the way you need it.

Imagine your voice processing needs - and the state-of-the-art - change, your voice mail system changes with you.

You've just imagined ImaGEN. Telrad's fully integrated voice mail package provides Digital users with a user-friendly, dependable means of communication, both internally and outside.

With ImaGEN's built-in Electronic Business Card feature, you can quickly access - and contact - your important customers. ImaGEN's Electronic Business Card feature gives you access to up to 1,000 "business cards" right on the telephone display. Names, telephone/fax numbers, and addresses can be stored and retrieved in three simple key strokes. To place a call simply access the directory you want (there are up to 10), scroll until you find the entry you need and press the soft key next to the number on the screen.

Prioritize calls with call screening

Telrad's ImaGEN increases call-handling efficiency by screening them for you. When Call Screen is activated, the auto attendant asks: "Who's calling?" for each call transferred to your extension. You hear the caller's response over your speakerphone. If you wish to take the call, lift the handset or press the speaker button. If not, simply wait, ImaGEN will take a message. Prioritizing your calls this way lets you handle pressing matters first.

ImaGEN's Call Record feature, the first in the industry, enables users to record all or portions of important conversations with the touch of a button. It even gives you a warning tone when the time is about to run out, so that you can reactivate the feature without interrupting the recording. The recorded conversations are securely stored in your mailbox.

Speed message handling and intra-office communications

Because ImaGEN is fully integrated with the phone system, users of the Digital Executive set with expanded display will have the advantage of visual prompts, as well as audible prompts, during message sending and retrieval. Message Annotation:Comments can be recorded when a message is transferred or copied to another mailbox. The recipient will hear the comment first, and then the message. Message Certification:When a message sent to another mailbox or group of mailboxes has been listened to, ImaGEN sends a confirmation message to the originator. Urgent Message:Messages selected as "urgent" are always played first and, "urgent" messages will automatically be copied (when auto copy is enabled). Future Delivery: Messages can be designated "future delivery," and delivered at the time and date you specify.

ImaGEN version 6.5 adds the ability to view pertinent message information on your telephone display. ImaGEN's at-a-glance overview saves you time and trouble scrolling through the audio messages, and enables you to take the appropriate action with the push of one button.

More cool features...

Voice Mail Unified Messaging Option for Telrad's ImaGEN Imagine having all your messages in one convenient location - right on your desktop, available at the click of your mouse, and consolidated, so that e-mail messages, fax messages and voice mail messages can be organized and manipulated simultaneously.
You've just imagined the Unified Messaging option for the Telrad ImaGEN.

Seamless Message Management ImaGEN's Unified Messaging gives users the ability to integrate their ImaGEN voice mail messages into a family of Microsoft Exchange products for seamless message management. Voice Mail messages may be viewed, played, copied, archived or even attached to e-mail messages for complete message integration. All via the user's PC, and all in the friendly and familiar Windows environment.

You can even convert your voice mail messages to wave files and attach them to e-mail messages using convenient drag and drop functionality of Windows.

All of the popular ImaGEN features, and then some. All of the features you've come to know and love on the ImaGEN are still available on the Unified Messaging option with the added advantage of visual indications. Users can Delete and Undelete messages via the PC, Copy or Move messages to another mailbox or group of mailboxes via the PC, and even set mailbox parameters right from their desktop PC.

The Unified Messaging on the ImaGEN also provides extended views for the user's Inbox included folders for messages tagged for future delivery, sent messages, new and old message flags, etc. The status of all of your messages is always available at-a-glance. And, ImaGEN's built-in directory is easily loaded and edited by the user as a personal address book in the Microsoft Exchange system.

Complete Confidentiality is always maintained With the ImaGEN's Unified messaging you get the same advanced password protection for your voice mail messages whether you retrieve them from a station instrument or via your PC. Plus, an added level of security is provided using the Exchange password feature built-into the Microsoft Messaging system in use. And, users have the ability to change either password as frequently as they like at their convenience.

Tag Messages for Easy Archiving Voice Mail Messages may be tagged with notes describing the nature of the call, the sender, the date, time and duration,- virtually any information you'd like for easy identification in archives or other stored record systems.

Synchronized Operation provides an Elegant Solution Whether the user chooses to manipulate voice mail messages via the telephone or via the PC screen the two are always synchronized and operating concurrently. If a message is deleted from the user's mailbox via station instrument it is simultaneously deleted from the Unified Messaged screen on the PC and vice versa.

Multilingual capability -

With ImaGEN, outside callers can hear system prompts and system greetings in as many as 10 different languages.

Message Restore - Deleted messages can be restored for up to 15 minutes, even if you've already exited from voice mail.

Auto copy - ImaGEN will check your mailbox for new messages, and copy unheard messages to another designated mailbox in the system. Messages tagged as "private" will not follow auto-copy routing.

Other Stuff

Account for every call with IMAGEN'S optional Call Accounting package

You can add Telrad's flexible Call Accounting package to your ImaGEN system without purchasing any additional wiring or hardware. The package works behind ImaGEN storing valuable call information that lets you verify telephone bills and invoices. Twenty different report formats may be completely customized to your specific requirements. You can even store up to 12 months' data using minimal disk space.

Customizable Reports

The ImaGEN screen can even be used to monitor usage and call cost in real-time. The handy cost multiplier feature allows you to add a surcharge to the actual call cost for billing clients, hotel guests, etc.

Call cost display provides the cost of each call on display sets as soon as the call is completed.

* Additional software required for cost, cost multiplier and call cost display.

Caller I.D. Integration

The system will automatically record incoming Caller I.D. information (if provided by your local telco) for all calls. *Note - Additional hardware required.

SynopSys Mail

SynopSys Mail, the companion to SynopSys - Telrad's voice mail solution for the small office comes to the market with some mighty impressive big system features that make voice processing and message taking a breeze. Features like Call Transfer, Dial-by-Name, Single Digit Routing and Fax Tone Detect from the Auto Attendant. Add to these - Message Forwarding, Pause and Resume Listening, Time/date/sender Stamp, Volume Control and Message Notification to a Pager and you've got yourself a hefty little unit.

Designed to integrate nicely with your SynopSys phone system, SynopSys Mail is available in 2 port or 4 port configurations with 4 hours or 8 hours of message storage time, respectively. The 2 port, 4 hour system can be upgraded to a 4 port, 8 hour system simply by changing the card.


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