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Digital Telecommunication Systems

Telrad's Digital family of systems start at the small end with the SynopSys and moves all the way up to the Digital 1000. As your needs expand, the systems grow with you.

The first in the family is Telrad's SynopSys. The modular design facilitates field upgradeability and ease of use. When you outgrow SynopSys and move into one of the larger Digital systems, the stations move with you saving a large portion of your hardware investment. With powerful features and options like power failure transfer and voice mail, SynopSys provides advanced functionality in a system that is easy-to-use, and to afford. SynopSys can accommodate up to 8 outside lines, 8 single audio path digital sets and 17 single line sets, or 8 outside lines, 16 single audio path sets and 9 single line sets.

Digital 8/18

The Digital 8/18 also combines many features typically found in larger switches with advanced all-digital technology to form a powerful small office communication tool. Standard features include Off Hook Voice Announce with Hands Free Answer Back, Least Cost Routing, Direct Inward Dialing and Electronic Business Card file. Optional enhancements include Integrated Voice Mail and Automated Attendant, Call Accounting and much more. Our Digital 8/18 accommodates up to 8 C.O. lines and 18 digital key telephones.

Digital S-60

The Digital S-60 is a single cabinet version of our most popular system, the Digital 128. It offers full digital functionality with a sophisticated array of features and functions to suit the medium size office application. It can be configured as a key system, a PBX or as a hybrid combining aspects of Key systems and PBXs in a single system for a completely customized setup. Like the SynopSys and the Digital 8/18, the Digital S-60 model migrates easily to the Digital 128 size should your business outgrow its single cabinet capacity. Additionally, all of the Telrad Digital station instruments including the revolutionary new Avanti sets, are compatible with all of the Digital systems. Optional enhancements include Integrated Voice Mail and Automated Attendant, Call Accounting and much more. The Digital S-60 can accommodate up to 28 C.O. lines and 32 digital key telephones.

Digital 128

The Telrad Digital 128's modular hardware and flexible software enables every installation to be tailored precisely to meet the customer's requirements. The system can be configured as a PBX, as a hybrid PBX/key system or as a squared key system making it versatile enough for virtually any application.

The flagship system in the family, the Digital 128 will accommodate up to 48 outside lines and up to 96 stations with a total combined maximum capacity of 128 ports. As with all the Telrad systems, the Digital 128 has been designed for easy, economical migration to the next system, the Digital 400. When you outgrow the 128 and move into the 400, the stations and many of the system's cards move with you, saving you thousands in the cost of an upgrade.

The Digital 128 utilizes ISDN architecture providing the most advanced technology available today. It also includes many of the most popular telephony features with the ability to run CTI (Computer-to-Telephone Integration) applications and Internet Telephony. Two of the hottest things in the communications industry today, CTI applications let you combine your telephony functions with your favorite PC software programs, and Internet Telephony gives you access to your telephone switch via the Internet.

In addition to the most popular features and functions, the Telrad Digital 128 offers a host of optional enhancements including the new Integrated Voice Mail and Automated Attendant, Call Accounting and much more. When you choose a Telrad system for your business telecommunications, you've taken the right step. You won't outgrow it. It won't be outmoded as technology changes. Because Telrad systems are engineered to adapt, to evolve. That future-readiness philosophy is incorporated into every system and peripheral in the entire Telrad line.

Digital 400

The Digital 400 continues on the migration path established by the smaller systems. Systems can be easily upgraded or expanded as your needs expand and change.  The Digital 400 can grow to accommodate up to 254 extensions or users and 144 outside lines.  And, when your needs expand beyond 384 ports, many of the Digital 400 cards and even cabinets can be installed in the Digital 1000 providing some of the best investment protection available in the industry today.

The Digital 400 offers the full range of Digital system features including built-in ACD capabilities for up to 6 logged in agents.  Plus, you get the advantage of Telrad's advanced Conferencing features like Conference Bridge*, Conference Loop and 8 party Conference Call.

Digital S-1000 A Clear, Cost-Effective Migration Path from our Smaller Systems

The S-1000 provides a clear, cost-effective migration path from the entire Digital line of systems. Migration is particularly painless from the Digital 400 to the Digital 1000. In this case a user can reuse most of their existing cards and station instruments and may even migrate with one or more of their Digital 400 cabinets as long as at least one cabinet in the new configuration is a Digital 1000 model.

Redundancy Made Elegant and Inexpensive

The Digital S-1000 offers main processor redundancy assuring that you'll never experience a loss of service. Batteries are installed to provide back up in the event of power outage or power surge. 5V backup power is also automatically provided for the Main Control card (MPD) in systems having two cabinets. Main processor redundancy is provided via a second control card in the main cabinet. In the event that the Main control card fails, service is immediately switched to the back up card without interruption in service or loss of calls in progress.

The power supplies housed in each cabinet are also inherently prepared for an unforeseen emergency. Fully configured 4 cabinet systems with the optional power cabinet installed can operate via the power from 3 of the installed power supplies. This leaves the 4th power supply available for back up in the case of a power supply failure. In the even that one of the power supplies should fail, the fourth unit will automatically take over without interruption in service or loss of calls in progress.

All the features and options available on all our popular Digital systems

The Digital S-1000 includes all of the unique features and options popular in the Telrad Digital line of systems including the advanced conferencing features recently released with version 6 software and full integration with our popular ImaGEN line of systems.

A station that's right for every job

The wide variety of telephone stations available on the Avanti Digital family of systems allows you to choose a station that's just right for every job in your organization.

The Avanti 3025

The top of the Avanti line features the full size graphic display with icon interface, 29 programmable buttons, 16 softkeys, mouse operation and a full duplex speakerphone.

DSS Add-On Module

If you need additional function keys, the DSS Add-on module is the easy - and flexible - answer.  Each has a four button map and 30 programmable buttons that can be designated for memory, speed dial access or automatic redial.  As many as four modules may be attached to any Avanti 3025, 3020, or 3015 station, for a total of an additional 120 programmable buttons.

The Avanti 3020F and 3020H

These stations have a four-line, 24-character display.  On the 3020, one line is dynamic, showing day, date, time and call status.  The other lines provide menu options that may be activated by the six softkeys located on either side of the display.  Both 3020 sets have 24 programmable buttons for speed dial, DSS or line appearances. The 3020F features a full duplex speakerphone while the 3020H has a half duplex speakerphone.

The Avanti 3015DF and 3015DH

The 3015 models include a 2-line, 20-character display that provides day, date, time and call status information in addition to softkey activated menu items.  The softkeys on the 3015 are located beneath the display. There are 19 programmable buttons on each and the DF features a full duplex speakerphone while the DH includes a half-duplex speakerphone.

The Avanti 3015H

When a display is not necessary the 3015H gives users 15 programmable bttons that can be used for speed dial, DSS as line appearances or to access any Digital system feature.  This model also features Telrad's hot dial pad and a high quality speakerphone.

The Avanti 3000

Even the most economical Avanti station offers advanced capabilities, including onhook dialing and 4 programmable buttons plus the Telrad hot dial pad and 9 fixed function keys.

Telrad's PC Console gives the busy receptionist added flexibility and improved efficiency


Telrad's PC Console give the receptionist the means to operate the attendant position right from his or her PC screen. This TAPI-compliant application runs on any Windows 95, 98 or NT equipped PC and gives the operator access to all the normal call control and other attendant functions, and then some...

Functions like Answer, Drop, Release, and Call Queues are readily accessed via the mouse on the screen or by using the custom keyboard. A built-in handset is provided eliminating the need for an additional station instrument on the desktop. Or, the receptionist may choose to add any standard headset for easier operation.

Advanced features like unlimited DSS/BLF appearances, Caller I.D., Call Register, Voice Mail integration and Phonebook are also available, just to name a few.

Since the application is running in the familiar Windows environment, a variety of other Windows applications can be accessed "behind" the console application freeing the attendant to perform other tasks during slow calling periods. The system may even be programmed to automatically "pop" the attendant application whenever an incoming call is received.

Wireless Solutions for Today's Workplace

Telrad's wireless solution gives Digital KeyBx users access to a cost-effective wireless phone service well-suited for a variety of office and campus environments including hospitals, manufacturing and retail floors, construction sites and other facilities.

Telrad's wireless solution offers users significant benefits like:

  • No air time or usage charges
  • Clear voice quality
  • Higher employee efficiency and productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Seamless, simple integration
The SynopSys system will not accommodate Avanti station instruments.

88 Version 7 software is required to install the new Avanti stations on an S-1000 system.

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