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Turn your call center into a profit center
Maximize your call center productivity with Telrad's ACD and ACD I.Q. call center solutions.

Telrad offers a variety of hardware and software products designed specifically for the unique needs of the Call Center environment.   Every Digital system comes equipped with ACD capabilities for up to 5 agents at no additional cost.  For larger applications, optional Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) modules with or without reporting and management software can be easily added to any Digital KeyBx system. The Networking capabilities inherent in the Digital systems provide solutions for Call Centers with multiple locations. Plus a variety of independent CTI software packages provides turnkey applications for inbound or outbound telemarketing or survey campaigns running in any size call center. From the smallest to the largest call center, Telrad has the equipment to help turn your call center into a profit center. The Telrad ACD system gives you all the high-end features of standalone products, without the high price tag. Add Telrad's ACD I.Q. reporting package that integrates fully and you've got a powerful call processing system.

Compatible with any of the Telrad Digital telephone systems, the ACD option puts valuable call center and agent statistics right on the Supervisor's display screen. Statistics are updated frequently giving Supervisors at-a-glance information on all their groups and agents.

From the display station, Supervisors can see who's available to take a call, who's in wrap-up mode, who's not ready and who's on an ACD or other type of call. Single button access links the Supervisor with the Agent for monitoring or instructional purposes.

The ACD I.Q. provides the analysis and reports for long range planning and productivity review. Plus, the selectable real-time GUI display on the PC screen lets Supervisors view their data in any of 14 customizable formats. For additional data manipulation, statistics may be exported to Microsoft Excel.

The new ACD reporting and management software package from Telrad adds a whole new dimension to the management and reporting capabilities of the sophisticated ACD option on Telrad's popular line of Digital systems.

ACD I.Q. is user-friendly and very flexible. It's easy to use and easy to customize. ACD I.Q. puts important ACD agent information right on the supervisor's station display. Incoming calls are routed to the appropriate pre-defined call queue, and directed to the first available agent. ACD I.Q. allows you to set the parameters that are best suited to your operation. And, by identifying peak activity periods, ACD I.Q. data lets you schedule efficient use of your agents.

ACD I.Q. is available in two basic configurations - a standalone unit and a network configuration. The ACD I.Q. includes 19 standard reports, set up in the most commonly used formats. Online reports can be viewed on a PC screen, while off-line reports provide historical data and statistical breakdowns. Reports can be programmed to print automatically, or may be manually requested, as required. Colorful graphs and histograms are also available and deliver at-a-glance insight into the information users need to maintain optimum call center performance.

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